Female Straight Stainless Steel Sleeve Brass Press Fittings

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Press Fittings, Brass Fittings

The press fitting is composed of a main body, a steel bushing, a plastic part and a seal ring.The main material is brass generally made from CW617N or CU57-3. The steel bushing is made of 304 stainless steel with a wall thickness of at least 0.8m (the wall cannot be too thin, otherwise the risk of leaks increases, thus affecting performance levels.), The plastic parts can be customized with a nylon material to enhance the hardness, ensuring the steel bushing remains firmly attached. The seal rings are made of EPDM material with a high temperature resistance and a long service life.

We also provide surface treatments of electroplating, and all brass parts are machined using CNC lathes to ensure product dimensional accuracy.

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Female straight stainless steel sleeve brass press fittings

Product Information

Product name

Female-threaded Brass Press Fittings


16x1/2", 16x3/4",  20x1/2", 20x3/4", 26x1"


Standard bore


Water, oil, gas, and other non-corrosive liquid

Working pressure

PN16 / 200Psi

Working temperature

-20 to 120°C

Working durability

10,000 cycles

Quality standard


End Connection

BSP, NPT, Press


Forged brass body

Anti-rust stainless tubes

Quick connections to pipelines

OEM production acceptable


Spare Part



Forged brass, sandblasted and nickel-plated

Press Sleeve

Stainless Steel












Inner boxes in cartons, loaded in pallets

Customized design acceptable

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Optional Materials

Brass CW617N, CW614N, HPb57-3, H59-1, C37700, DZR, Lead-free


Advantages of Multipex press-fitting system for multilayer pipes
The main advantage of Peifeng Multipex press-fitting system is that its use is very quick and comfortable for the installer thanks to the use of battery tools.
Other advantages of the Multipex system are:
No timeouts.  The press-fitting system does not require any waits once the union has been made. The installation can be put in service immediately.
Tightness guarantee. Multipex press-fitting system complies with the most demanding European regulations which guarantee the tightness of the union.
Multiprofile fittings. Multipex fittings are compatible with the most commonly used profiles in Europe (RF, U, H and TH).
Increased resistance to tensile stresses. The geometry of the SS rings allows the positioning of the clamping jaw with respect to the shape of the fitting, which improves its resistance to tensile stress.
Low leaded brass. The brass alloy used in the production of Multipex press-fittings has low lead content and meets the most demanding European regulations concerning materials in contact with drinking water.

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