Male Straight Brass Compression Fitting For Pex Pipe

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Compression Fitting, Brass Fittings

Our compression fittings for copper pipes are generally made of CW617N brass and CU57-3 brass. In case of special needs, other materials such as DZR can be adopted.

The rings of compression fittings are also made of CW617N brass and CU57-3 brass, which have the better flexibility to prevent the copper pipe from falling off.

We provide compression fittings in a variety of sizes, from 15mm x 1/2” to 28mm x 1”, and in a variety of structural forms, including straight, elbow, tee, etc.

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Male straight brass compression fitting for pex pipe

Product Information

Product name Brass forged Equal Tee compression Fittings
Sizes 15x1/2”, 18x1/2”, 22x3/4”, 22x1”
Bore Standard bore
Application Water, oil, gas, and other non-corrosive liquid
Working pressure PN16 / 200Psi
Working temperature -20 to 120°C
Working durability 10,000 cycles
Quality standard ISO9001
End Connection BSP, NPT
Features: Forged brass body
Precise dimensions
Various sizes available
OEM production acceptable
Materials Spare Part Material
Body Forged brass, sandblasted
Nut Forged brass, sandblasted
Insert Brass
Seat copper ring
Stem N/A
Screw N/A
Packing Inner boxes in cartons, loaded in pallets
Customized design acceptable

Optional Materials

Brass CW617N, CW614N, HPb57-3, H59-1, C37700, DZR, Lead-free

Optional Color and Surface Finish

Brass natural color or nickel plated


Fluid control system for building and plumbing: Water,oil, Gas, and other non-corrosive liquid
Brass fittings is made of forged brass or machined from brass bar, designed to connect hose pipes and other pipeline applications. Peifeng is a professional China brass fittings manufacturer and supplier.
Brass compression fittings have the characteristics of reliable connection, high pressure resistance, good sealing and repeatability, convenient installation and maintenance, and safe and reliable work. Widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, light industry, textile, national defense, metallurgy, aviation, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, machine tool equipment and other industrial fields. The surface polishing of brass compression pipe fittings looks exquisite and meticulous, feels very good, and the quality is also Absolutely guaranteed.
If the brass compression fittings need to be disassembled and reinstalled, the steps are as follows:
(1) Disassembled crimp joint
(2) Insert the TUBE tube with the clamp and nut into the joint body until the front is clamped in place
(3) Tighten the nut by hand first, then use a wrench to rotate it to the position before disassembly (that is, the position after screwing 1-1/4 turns or 3/4 turns during the first installation), and then use a wrench to twist it a little bit. Just a little bit and that's it.

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